Love to get your feedback on Retail Moments of Truth, specifically that intersection where the company’s “reason for being” intersect’s the customer’s “reason for need” in a very purposeful way.

Talbots has increased the size of their dressing rooms and improved the lighting, mirrors, etc when they discovered that this was where their customers made the “purchase / no-purchase” decision.

Staples now has their associates escort you to your item; they discovered that all their customers were coming for a “need,” and weren’t interested in considering any additional purchases until their mission was accomplished.  Thus the “easy” strategy was built from the customer experience in-store.

McDonald’s now has over 70% of their sales volume going through their drive through, thus they’ve added very specific operations standards and processes to lower wait times and increase accuracy.  As you approach a McDonald’s from the street – easy go/no go decision based on how many cars you see in line.

Apple retail stores discovered that their customer research showed 93% satisfaction with their shopping experience. They dug into the 7% and found the core issue was checkout speed, this prompted the investment into hand-held check out devices that all associates could operate.  Not only do they check you out faster in the aisle, but e-mail you your receipt (while capturing your e-mail address).

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